A message to our valued supporters

MARCH 26, 2020 -  To all our valued supporters:  Northern Lights Aero Foundation recognizes that this is a very trying and uncertain time for all individuals, families and businesses, as we struggle through combatting the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Our board of directors is following all governmental recommendations for health and safety, and setting strategies accordingly for our current and future planning this year.

Canadians are being called upon to stay home and practice social distancing. We recognize the toll this is taking on an industry that depends on travel, but we are hopeful that acting now will limit the damage long-term. We understand that our business partners will have many challenges to regenerate their operations and financial welfare. As a result, we currently do not know if we will have the support needed to go ahead with our 12th Annual Elsie Awards gala on September 26. We hope and pray that we can, and that by then we can truly have a celebratory event, not just for the award winners, but for all of our interrupted lives.

We continue to look forward to receiving 2020 Elsie award winner candidate nominations by our deadline of March 31. Given all nominations received to date, we would love to receive more in the Government and Engineering categories.

Our planning for the gala and other outreach programs will be monitored against the changing tide of the virus outbreak. We will keep you updated. If you have questions or concerns, we can still be reached via our website, by phone or email.

Our sincerest best wishes for your health and safety,

Northern Lights Aero Foundation board of directors.