Lesley Page

A flight in a small airplane in 2005 was all it took to make Lesley realize that she wanted aviation to be a part of her life. It was love at first flight! Never content to just "go along for the ride" in life, she obtained her Private Pilot certificate.

She loves to share her passion for flying with others and she has received several awards for introducing women and young people to aviation through 'discovery-flight' events. Lesley is an experienced public speaker and engaging story-teller. By relating the story of her journey from burned-out corporate manager to award-winning private pilot, she inspires people to overcome their fears and obstacles and to achieve their dreams. Lesley is the Past-Chair of the First Canadian chapter of the Ninety-Nines and is a Field Representative for the EAA Young Eagles program. In 2012, she helped found the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide.

Lesley's philosophy: "Life is too short to be a passenger"