Catherine Tsouvaltsidis

Catherine is currently working in Infrastructure Technology Solutions (ITS) at TDBank. She is fortunate to be able to participate in four rotations within ITS aimed to develop and broaden her skillsets and career-pathways.  While at TD, Catherine has worked on a variety of projects, including coordinating the migration of the infrastructure systems between datacenters, leading a proof-of-concept 6-month sprint to showcase the abilities of Machine Learning and Chatbots within the enterprise, and now to leading a team of 12 to develop innovative solutions for the new enterprise platform, including systems that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to augment and enhance the employee experience.

Previous to TD, Catherine spent six years working in the Canadian Space Sector. There she worked on a variety of different projects including the refurbishment and upgrading of a 46m radio-astronomy dish; design, development and integration of a satellite tracking and monitoring platform; design, development and calibration of a micro-spectrometer aimed to measure soil moisture content from space to be used in large scale soil analysis and farming applications; and the design and development of a UV gas camera used to monitor SO2 volcanic emissions.

When Catherine is not working, she loves to spend time with her partner and their young son. She is an avid gardener and space-enthusiast.