Donya Naz Divsalar

Donya obtained her BSc. Honours degree from Simon Fraser University in Health Sciences in 2019 and is currently a Master of Sciences Candidate with the Aerospace Physiology Laboratory at SFU. Prior to immigrating to Canada in 2014, Donya attended Debrecen Medical School in Hungary. She is an ambassador for the Canadian Space Agency as well as the founder of SFU Aerospace; an organization that bridges the gaps in education, technology and entrepreneurship and aims to provide technical aerospace education to non-technical students. Donya also spends her time as the science lead and payload developer of SFU Satellite Design team to bring science and CubeSat technology together by designing unique biological and biomedical payloads. She is currently working on ALEASAT, a student-made 1U CubeSat that is projected to launch in 2022. In 2019, Donya was selected as one of the Top 25 under 25 winners of Surrey Board of Trade for her work in fostering aerospace on the west coast of Canada. Donya is the founder and CEO of Caidin Biotechnologies, a start-up company that aims to improve human health and performance in extreme environments through biomedical advancements. Donya’s work will directly contribute to preserving and improving astronaut health during Lunar and Martian missions and deep space exploration.