Dr. Suzanne Kearns

Dr. Suzanne Kearns is an Associate Professor of Aviation at the University of Waterloo. She began flight training at the age of 15, flew solo on her 16th birthday, and had her private fixed and rotary-wing licenses on her 17th birthday.

She went on to earn her commercial multi-engine instrument pilot licenses (fixed- and rotary-wing), a College Diploma in helicopter flight training from Canadore College, a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science and a Master’s degree in Human Factors and Systems Engineering both from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She began working full-time as a professor at the age of 24 and simultaneously began studying for her PhD in Education, which she earned in 2007.

In her role as a professor, Dr. Kearns teaches, conducts research, and writes about aviation safety and training. Dr. Kearns is frequently invited as a speaker at international conferences, has written four books and many academic and industry articles, and is considered a leading academic in her field. Her textbook (published in 2018) is used in universities around the world to teach the next generation about the ‘Fundamentals of International Aviation’.
She also develops e-learning, including a free course on aviation fundamentals distributed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Considering face-to-face teaching, the impact of her books, and students who complete her online courses, Dr. Kearns supports the education of thousands of aviation learners each year from every global region.