Felicity McKendry

Felicity had an interest in aviation from a very young age - unfortunately, it was the 1940s and airlines did not hire female pilots and she was too tall to be a flight attendant! She completed her teachers certificate and taught but her real interest was flying - before long she enrolled in flying lessons and received her license. Felicity attempted applying for jobs as a commercial pilot but was turned down due to her gender. Felicity seized the opportunity to combine her love of flying and her teaching background to become a flight instructor, the 7th female instructor in Canada.

Felicity has had many significant accomplishments - she was instrumental in the formation of the Canadian Owners and Pilot Association (COPA), the leading organization representing the interests of private aviation in Canada. She was also one of the first female Chief Flying Instructors and by 1984, Felicity had achieved a Class 1 rating, the highest level in Canada. As a result she was appointed as a Designated Flight Test Examiner by Transport Canada and selected to do the final flight testing of two of our famous Canadian astronauts, Mark Garneau and Steve MacLean.

In addition to her work in the aviation sector, Felicity worked tirelessly as a volunteer for the Parkinson Society and was recognized with the Dr Morton Shulman Award. The award is given to an individual who exemplifies creativity, energy and tenacity and the ability to influence others and to make a difference in the face of adversity.

Through her lengthy career as a flight instructor, Felicity instructed more than 1,100 Canadians and her impact as an instructor has resulted in many of her students becoming pilots, military pilots, commercial pilots, and others who simply have been able to enjoy the freedom of flight safe in the knowledge of having received the very best flight training from a woman who was never satisfied with mediocrity.