Dr. Joelle Thorgrimson

Dr. Joelle Thorgrimson is a private pilot, physician, physicist, and future flight surgeon from Kenora Ontario. Joelle started her career in the basic sciences with a BScH in astrophysics from Queen’s University, followed by a MSc in quantum computing from McGill University and the National Research Council of Canada. She pivoted her career and studied medicine at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) where she received a MD and the overall award of excellence in her graduating class.

Her lifelong dream of becoming a pilot was achieved by completing her recreational pilot license after graduating medical school. Joelle proceeded to join the Royal Canadian Air Force during her family medicine residency at NOSM. As elected chief resident, she upgraded to a private pilot license.

In June 2019, Joelle will graduate from her family medicine residency and has been posted to Cold Lake Alberta where she will complete her flight surgeon training and work as a medical officer with the goal of pursuing aerospace medicine.

Her current research interests involve a NASA funded research collaboration with NOSM, McMaster and Harvard Universities on non-technical skills for medical emergencies on long duration exploration missions, which Joelle presented at the International Aeronautical Congress in Germany and the Aerospace Medicine Association annual meeting in the United States. Mentorship has shaped her career, so she gives back to youth interested in pursuing science, medicine and aviation.

For fun, Joelle enjoys flying adventures to Northern Canada, fishing on Lake of the Woods with her family, weight lifting and exploring anything outdoors.