Kathrine (Kathy) Stewart

Kathy is a Regular Member Special Constable helicopter pilot with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who provides aerial support to front line RCMP members throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. Based in Edmonton, Kathy flies an Airbus AS350B3 which performs multiple public safety roles including search and rescue, mountain radio repeater access, aerial surveillance, patrols supporting border security along USA-Canada border, as well as pursuits and interceptions. The helicopter also provides tactical support for Emergency Response Teams, Police Dog Services and Explosive Disposal Units in a variety of high risk situations.

Kathy’s aviation career began in 1980 when she earned her private Fixed Wing license while also pursuing a HBSc at University of Toronto. In 1982, she completed a Commercial Helicopter license. She was hired by Okanagan Helicopters in 1988 and stayed with the company (now Canadian Helicopters) until 2002, obtaining her mountain, night and multi-engine helicopter endorsements. She currently holds a Canadian Private Pilot Fixed Wing license, a Canadian Helicopter Airline Transport license and a U.S. FAA Commercial Helicopter license. Kathy has flown throughout Canada and the U.S. doing forest fire fighting, wildlife management, diamond exploration, seismic exploration, high Arctic work including the Polar Continental Shelf Project and the Canadian military. Kathy supervised up to 80 pilots as an Operations Manager during her last 3 years with Canadian Helicopters.

In 2002, Kathy joined the RCMP Air Services Branch, as a Civilian Member. She obtained her instrument rating in 2005, tactical flight officer training, night vision goggle (NVG) rating in 2009, and advanced NVG rating in 2012. In 2017, Kathy completed conversion training to become a Regular Member. Kathy has over 13,000 flight hours and is endorsed on 8 helicopter types.