Kathy Fox

Kathy Fox was awarded the second annual Elsie MacGill Northern Lights Award. Kathy has had a variety of careers all in aviation including parachutist, flight instructor and test examiner, flight school and air charter operator and Air Traffic Controller. She retired as VP of Nav Canada and is currently a member of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

Kathy was joined by many friends and colleagues, several who testified to her quiet, unassuming but powerful approach to leadership. A life tribute video was produced by Mariella Rowan and Norman Nattrass. Keynote speaker, Wendy Tadros, the Chair of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said of Kathy, "For over 40 years Kathy has followed her passion: for aviation, for knowledge, for adventure, for life and it has brought her success after success. Since there doesn’t seem to be an end to her accomplishments, that means so far she hasn’t found any limits. I suspect she never will."