Stéphanie Angrand

Currently an instructor at the Canadian Forces leadership and recruit school in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Stéphanie teaches basic training to all new recruits joining the Canadian Armed Forces. Stephanie joined the Canadian Forces in 2006 as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Her first posting was on the CF-18 jets in Cold Lake, Alberta where she worked as an engine technician. She got to travel all over with the jets and feel the power of afterburners with her bare hands. In 2013, she moved on to the civilian world of CRJs 700-900-1000 with Bombardier in Mirabel, Québec. She witnessed the C-series first flight ever and also did some contracting work for Skyservice in Montréal. In 2015, back with the military, Stéphanie started to work on the CH-146 Griffon helicopters (bell 412) in Saint-Hubert, Montréal. She taught the maintenance type course for three years, which sparked her passion for teaching and mentoring. She continues to teach, mentor, encourage, highlight and help women find their voice and place in this industry. With Alisha Sohpaul, she co-founded Hangar Queens, a corporation soon to become a non-profit. Through instructional capsules, workshops, calls, and social media, she wants to help women thrive and grow in numbers, and turn this 2% of women AMEs into much more.